Chelsea Handler's Imperfect Guide To Gay Bears

By: Daniel Villarreal

Kathy Najimy—the actress who appears in the gay romantic comedy Bear City 2: The Proposal (pictured at left—recently gave talk show hostess Chelsea Handler a quick primer on "normal-sized, kinda husky, furry gay men" (aka bears).

But she didn't get all her facts quite (ahem) straight.

According to Najimy, otters are bears who don't have hair, twinks are "little ones who like bears," pandas are Asian bears and the women who hang out with them are called Goldilocks.

That's a good start, but somewhat inaccurate. First off, otters are skinny, hairy guys. Second, twinks are twinks—they aren't part of the bear taxonomy. And third, silver foxes are usually just handsome grey-haired guys (like Anderson Cooper) while grey-haired bears are actually called polar bears.

If you're curious, this poster classifying bears by their body-type and chest hair provides a better field guide to spotting gay bears.

After all, ally or no, some otters will maul you if you call them a "bear," no matter how sweet your honey is.