Elton John Keeps Mooning People

By: Jase Peeples

According to both Allmediany.com and The Blemish.com, Sir Elton has picked up a new hobby that would make the Queen blush.

While enjoying some fresh air on his yacht, off the coast of St. Tropez, the “Don't Go Breaking My Heart” singer showed of his circles of life by dropping trou and mooning paparazzi.

Though no one is sure what prompted Sir Elton’s overshare, this wasn’t the first time he’s unleashed his naughty bits on the open seas. 

Last week, he not only mooned actor Michael Caine’s entire yacht from the deck of his own, but X Factor judge Simon Cowell as well.

We’re certain the Queen would be horrified to learn of such un-knightly behavior, but his devil-may-care attitude is one of the many reasons we adore Sir Elton.  

We also heart his ability to act his inner age, which is apparently 13, rather than his actual age, which is 65. (Though we think we’ve seen enough of his inner child for a while.)