Is Prince Harry Auditioning for 'The Hangover 3'?

By: Brandon Voss

Much to our giddy visual delight, Prince Harry has really been letting loose during his post-Olympics Las Vegas vacation. Thank you, alcohol and amateur photogs who don't respect his royal hotness' privacy!

First came grainy photos and a brief video of the ginger prince partying poolside at a Vegas hotel in red floral-print trunks and a jaunty fedora — totally unfazed by Jennifer Lopez hanging out in a nearby cabana, because that’s just how he rolls.

Next came even grainer photos and video of Harry, shirtless but still wearing his jeans, swimming and racing Olympic champ Ryan Lochte at 3am.

Finally, courtesy of TMZ, comes two awesome photos of Harry playing strip billiards — ooh, fancy! — in his VIP hotel suite. One shot shows a naked Harry covering his bits while a naked girl hugs him from behind. In the other, Harry bends over naked behind another naked girl. OK, we get it, Harry — you’re straight.

Again, both shots are a little blurry for our tastes. For the love of the Queen, doesn’t anyone in Vegas own a quality camera? As much as we appreciate a little red star, we can only wait patiently until the uncensored butt shot surfaces. Meanwhile, enjoy the TMZ logo-obscured view. And in case you're skeptical, note the same jewelry from the poolside pics.