Is Indie Actor Sean Lockhart Turning Back Into Adult Star Brent Corrigan?

By: Daniel Villarreal

A few years back, gay porn star Brent Corrigan stopped performing in skin flicks and began acting in gay indie films under his real name Sean Lockhart.

He has since starred in films like Judas Kiss, Chillerama, Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild and even had a cameo in Gus Van Sant's Milk.

However, several posts over at the gay porn blog The Sword suggest that Lockhart is dipping his toe back into the porn pool.

First off, Lockhart is still using his sexual heat to sell goods, most recently as a cowboy in an Andrew Christian underwear video.

But more conspicuously, earlier this month he made an appearance at Cocktails with the Stars at Micky’s bar in West Hollywood, a regularly occurring evening when gay porn stars drop in for some sips and strips. He appeared alongside older porn star Rocky Houston and gay porn muscle-god Zeb Atlas, both of whom still actively make porn.

Furthermore, this particular appearance was arranged by porn star manager David Forest, a man who has partially made his career arranging "private meetings" with big-time porn stars (and by "private meetings" we're probably not talking PowerPoint presentations).

Just because Corrigan is being managed by Mr. Forest, that doesn't mean that Lockhart is currently available for "private meetings." But then there's Lockhart's recent profile to consider. is a website for finding hustlers (or "escorts" or "companions" or whatever term your prefer). And last week a profile for "Eros86" revealed several nakey pics from Lockhart's Brent Corrigan days, Lockhart's San Diego phone number and a rate of $300 an hour.

Shortly after The Sword reported eros86's Rentboy page, Mr. Forest sent a message from Lockhart to Sword editor Zach Sire which read:

The ad is an impostor – someone who knows me or has my number has added it. I am working on getting the post taken down.

But then four days later, Sean Van Sant the Director of wrote Sire saying:

The ad was real, we confirmed the credit card belonged to the advertiser. It is our policy not to give out information about advertisers real names, but in this case, the credit card used to pay for the ad was under the model’s legal name and the billing address was confirmed by his credit card company. has never commented on the ad until now, but we believe the model or his agent may be pulling a publicity stunt, obviously timed to coincide with fund-raising for his new video project. The advertiser logged in from an easy-to-trace IP address and turned off his ad as soon as it achieved notoriety. As the director of, I investigated the ad immediately when it came to our attention.

Van Sant is correct—Lockhart is helping raise $30,000 at for Rob Moretti's new film Truth (with accompanying video below). But will these hard economic times drive Lockhart back into porn's greasy legs or will he straddle a middle line by discreetly selling his escorting services online?

We'll keep you posted. But until then... anyone got $300 we can borrow?