Did Drew Barrymore Really Buy a Gay Club?

By: Brandon Voss

National Enquirer is apparently reporting that Drew Barrymore has “taken over the lease of Revolver, one of the hottest gay bars in West Hollywood," and that she's also planning to buy Eleven, another gay bar across the street. "Drew just loves the gay scene," says a random inside source to the tabloid.

Well, another source tells us exclusively that she's renaming her new club Charlie's Anals and thinks it will be "thuper-cool" to redecorate it to look like the Grey Gardens mansion at its very worst. She also purchased new plasma screens and will insist that Riding in Cars with Boys and Boys on the Side play on a constant loop as E.T. plushies start fires with their minds in the VIP section. OK, we made all that up. Why should the Enquirer have all the fun?

But seriously, before you get too excited, Gossip Cop says she's just not that into you. More specifically, the site claims to have heard from Barrymore's rep, who says it's not the star who's involved in the clubs but Barrymore's "business associate," who owns Revolver and is looking into buying Eleven. In other words, someone totally sucks at the telephone game.