Gay-For-Pay Star Ryan Idol Lands Lead Role In Prison

By: Daniel Villarreal

In the 1990s, gay-for-pay porn star former Playgirl model Ryan Idol appeared in such films as Idol Country, Idol Eyes, Idol in the Sky, Idol Thoughts and Idol Worship—all very creatively titled.

But Idol (real name Marc Anthony Donais) will only appear behind bars now that he's been convicted of attempted murder for a September 5, 2009 attack on his ex-girlfriend.

According to testimony, Donais' ex-girlfriend said that she had just moved out of Donais' place and was taking a bath when he came over to her new home, came in and said that he wanted to kil her.

You'd think that she wouldn't give her ex-boyfriend keys to enter her new place. Maybe she left her door unlocked?

We're wondering because leaving a bath to let in your ex seems kinda strange, like the beginning of a porno. But we digress.

Donais claims that she pulled a knife during the discussion and that he hit her with a toilet lid to defend himself. But apparently the jury didn't buy it and they sent him to the big house.

Just for once we'd love to hear good news about retired porn stars, like one that went on to cure multiple sclerosis, become in Civil rights attorney or design a new, easy way to make Julienne fries, anything!

Oh well, the good news is that Donais ex-girlfriend survived. Perhaps when he gets out on parole he can star in the sequel to Chi Chi LaRue's Criminal Cocks, the porn with sex scenes from criminally convicted porn stars. Or maybe he could become a civil rights attorney; we'd take either as an improvement.