Week In Beef: Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Max Greenfield, And More

By: Brandon Voss

Please join us in shamelessly ogling five sexy celebrities whose shirtless candy caught our roving eye last week.



David Burtka
Neil Patrick Harris let his partner have the spotlight in this photo he tweeted with the message "Life is better when you are in Vegas and drinking rosé by the pool. Just sayin'." 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
JGL's homage to Magic Mike in his SNL monologue was arguably the shirtless celebrity moment of the week — possibly month. If only we had waited until now to put together our list of his 15 Gay-Friendliest Moments. We didn't hate cast member Taran Killam's shirtlessness either, quite frankly.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh's looking totally jacked — and veiny — in the first promo image released from the upcoming X-Men fim The Wolverine.

Gerard Butler
New stills are out from the upcoming surfing flick Chasing Mavericks, and the 42-year-old star's hanging 10 out of 10.

Max Greenfield
No surprise that New Girl's resident douchebag was shirtless quite a bit in last week's second season premiere, and some Speedo pics were leaked from an upcoming episode, but we love this EW.com exclusive shot of Greenfield's Schmidt channeling older Billy Elliot.