Pink Gets Why You Think She Might Be a Lesbian

By: Brandon Voss

Sorry to disappoint, but Pink's new interview in The Advocate may be the closest we're getting to the pop star's coming out party. “Honestly, I’ve never defined myself,” she says in response to a false News of the World story that reported she had declared her bisexuality. “I’ve never felt the need to. I still don’t. It’s just like how everyone’s like, ‘Well, what kind of music do you do?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t. I just do it.’ And fuck it, if you can’t understand it, I’m a mystery bag.”

That's not to say that Pink hasn't been intimate with women, especially during her wild youth spent as a "club kid" and "candy raver" with a seemingly endless supply of ecstasy. "And as far as I’m concerned, when you’re on ecstasy there’s no such thing as definable sexuality," she explains. "There is just love."

Even with those party favors, did she ever consider herself lesbian or bisexual while dipping a toe in the lady pond? “When I first moved to Los Angeles, I was an honorary lesbian of Los Angeles," she recalls. "I wasn’t gay, but all my girlfriends were. So no, it wasn’t a big deal for me, but when [a tabloid] comes out and says, I just said I was bisexual, it’s like what? That wasn’t my truth, and I like truth. I like absolute truth.”

 (No surprise then that she called her latest album The Truth About Love.)

Truthfully, however, Pink totally understands rumors about her sexuality. "I should be gay by the way that I look and the way that I am," she says. "I just happen to not be. But it just makes perfect and complete sense.”

 Of her short hair, tattoos, and butchy attitude, which is described by writer Diane Anderson-Minshall as "her dykey look," Pink exclaims, “Fucking-A right! And we can be androgynous and be butch and be muscular and be one of the guys but also be feminine and beautiful and do all this crazy shit and talk shit. It’s awesome.”

Read the full interview in The Advocate.