The Sexiest Woman Alive Is a Gay Man Trapped in a Woman's Body

By: Brandon Voss

Forget those Presidential debates for a hot minute, because Esquire has elected Mila Kunis as their "Sexiest Woman Alive 2012" in its November issue.

The photos accompanying the Esquire interview are insanely sexy, but you'll probably be more interested in the following exchange after the Esquire writer brings up an incident of "political street art" that the Black Swan star had referenced in a recent Glamour interview:

Mila Kunis: I can't really go into detail because I'm going to get into trouble.

Esquire: Why would you get into trouble?

MK: Because it's illegal.

E: Can you be vague about it then?

MK: It has to do with the Defense of Marriage Act. It's my friend's issue. I'm supporting him.

[She goes off the record.]

E: Yeah, you could be arrested for that.

MK: But I'd be arrested for something I believe in... . Good luck including something about gay rights in Esquire.

E: Of course I could include that.

MK: Okay.

Her vocal support of gay rights won't surprise anyone who read Kunis's interview last year with The Advocate, in which she declares herself a massive "fairy princess" who grew up as a denizen of West Hollywood gay nightlife. The That ’70s Show survivor also speaks at length in The Advocate about her best gay friend David, who might be the same friend to whom she refers in Esquire:

"I’ve known David for many years, and he’s awesome. He comes from a half-Hispanic, half-white family; half didn’t accept him when he came out of the closet, and the other half completely embraced it. But looking at David, I still don’t understand how anyone in his family didn’t know he was gay. [Laughs] We like to see movies together, and we travel a bit. He likes hipster music — he wears skinny jeans and Converse shoes — so sometimes I’ll go sit and suffer while he listens to random bands that I’ve never heard of. He’s also the only person I trust to watch my dogs when I’m out of town. David has a boyfriend, and they want to get married. He and I go to a lot of the gay functions, the AIDS walks, and we protested together when Prop. 8 first passed. I’m still baffled that it passed, and I swear it’s because so many people were confused about the wording of the proposition. I’m not some big public activist, but I privately support all of my gay friends who are affected by that verdict."

Wow, AIDS walks and gay functions are one thing, but accompanying a gay friend to terrible hipster concerts? Now that's a brave ally. When later questioned about her description of a perfect night spent watching Bravo with a of wine, Kunis responds, "I’ve often been told I’m a gay man in a woman’s body." 

If you're into this sort of thing, check out this behind-the-scenes video of Kunis's Esquire photo shoot: