Former Jersey Shore Star Apologizes for Antigay Comments

By: Trudy Ring


Former Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick is backpedaling on an antigay rant that brought her a good deal of criticism this week.

In a recent online debate with gay singer Adam Barta, Pivarnick had said gay couples shouldn’t marry, adding, “If you want to date each other, fine. We’ll see how it works. But in the end, they should really go and marry the other type.” She also said she had kissed other women in bars and had offers of sex from them, which she turned down.

Now Pivarnick tells TMZ that many of her gay friends have informed her “how ignorant my comments were.” She offers an apology to anyone who was offended and adds, “I’m starting to understand that no one should be denied the chance at happiness that marriage brings.”

Pivarnick appeared on the first two seasons of the reality show.