Hot Celebs Even Straight Dudes Are Allowed to Crush On

By: Brandon Voss

Gals and gay men alike may lust over hunky himbos like Channing Tatum, but there's a certain kind of male star that even straight guys can get behind — although, you know, maybe not literally.

The men's lifestyle site Manolith breaks down masculine, highly respected actors over whom it's absolutely appropriate for straight fans to geek out. Apparently, it's also an unspoken hetero man-crush prerequisite that they've all appeared on the cover of GQ.

Check out Manolith's top man-crush picks and a brief highlight of their crush-worthy reasoning.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
"He deserves a lot of credit for overcoming perhaps the worst haircut in television history to become one of the coolest guys on the planet."

Robert Downey Jr.
"Rather than allowing his career to fizzle out like so many drug-addicted stars before him, Downey Jr. kicked his addiction in the face and came back to Hollywood bigger and better than ever."

Christian Bale
"The guy is motherf*cking Batman — what else needs to be said? He took a character that was almost completely ruined by one of the most overrated actors of our time, George Clooney, and made it legendary once again."

Harrison Ford
"Though he doesn’t come out and admit it, it’s pretty obvious that he’s now a huge stoner who just doesn’t give a f*ck."

Sean Connery
"If a guy can’t have a man crush on the original (and still the best) James Bond, then who the hell can he crush on?"

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