Jamie Foxx Is Allegedly Gay... Again... For the Fourth Time

By: Daniel Villarreal

At least once a year since 2009, the media wonders whether actor Jamie Foxx (left) is a secret gay — it's almost becoming an annual event, kind of like the winter solstice.

And in keeping with the newfound annual event, fruity comedian Katt Williams (right) recently said during a stand-up routine that Foxx is schtupping Marques Anthony, the only male signed to Foxx's recording label. He also said that Anthony pledged to publicly proclaim it onstage alongside Mr. Williams... right.

During that same stand-up, Williams added that he turned down a role in Quentin Tarantino's newest film Django Unchained (a film Foxx plays the lead in) because the phrase "fuck you nigger" allegedly appears in the script 173 times.

Williams isn't exactly known for his reliability or sobriety, so take either of his claims with the appropriate amount of salt. But whether Foxx likes cocks or not, we can at least use the occasion to recount the three other times the media has publicly wondered about Foxx being gay.

In late 2009, a totally NSFW nakey pic of Foxx and his hound hit the gay porn site Guys With iPhones, gaining him lots of new gay fans and gay rumors.

In January of 2010, The National Enquirer showed a 1993 picture of Foxx in a g-string and claimed that he begged some guy to make him his "gay sex toy."

Then, in 2011 bisexual comedian Andy Dick told the gay podcasters from Ben and Dave's Six Pack that Jamie Foxx invited Dick over to "party"... whatever that means.

So is Mr. Foxx in fact fabulous? Hmmm... he has kids, but so do lots of gay guys. So who knows? We're actually more curious about whether the n-word really appears in Tarantino's new film 173 times. That sounds a bit extraneous... even for Tarantino.