13 to Watch in 2013

By: Gay.net Editors

Underwear and role model

It takes more than perfect pecs, good looks, and amazing abs to stand out in the mad, mad, world of modeling. It takes undeniable star power, something Andrew Christian model Colby Melvin has in spades. Whether he’s melting our hearts with his coming out story, charming us in interviews with his uplifting attitude, or singing One Direction politically-charged spoofs like “Disclosure,” it’s obvious this southern gentleman is much more than a pretty face. “Whether it’s for Calvin Klein or Dolce and Gabbana, I don’t classify myself [as a model],” Melvin told The Underwear Expert. “I classify myself as a personality. Yeah, I’m in pictures, but it’s about something bigger. I want it to be for a greater purpose, for the community. Yeah, I am technically a model, but I want to be a role model.”

Photo: Andrew Christian