13 to Watch in 2013

By: Gay.net Editors

Drag terrorist

"I am your new celebrity, I am your new America. I am the piece of filthy meat that you take home and treat to your self." Self-proclaimed drag terrorist Christeene — the creation of Austin's Paul Soileau — opens many a show singing these lyrics from her song "African Mayonnaise," which skewers the fake, self-destructive trash that Americans consume every day. In fact, most songs on Christeene's 2012 album Waste Up, Kneez Down are actually intelligent critiques of bullshit cultural norms; in "Bustin' Brown" she slams straight guys who love anal sex but won't bottom. Hot off of a nationwide tour, this rising star may yet be the most intelligent queer rapper of 2013… even as she and her antlered backup dancers prance around onstage in poo-smeared panties. "Filthy meat" indeed.