13 Reasons Why Anderson Cooper Is Out's Man of the Year

By: Daniel Villarreal

Out magazine readers just named CNN anchorperson Anderson Cooper as their Man of the Year and, for those wondering why, the editors included 13 events from 2012 that reveal why Cooper makes a great, well-rounded choice for the honor.

There's nearly one for every month:

January: Anderson Cooper hits a milestone: 10 years with CNN

February: AC interviews Janet Jackson on his Anderson talkshow, celebrates 100th episode

March: Cooper has guest Miss Piggy on his talkshow

April: Anderson is named No. 6 in Out's Power 50 list.

May: Anderson agrees to let Andrew Sullivan publish a letter stating: "The fact is, I'm gay."

June: Anderson gets sassy on United Airlines flight (while sitting next to Jonny Weir)

August: Photos of AC's boyfriend, Ben Maisani, kissing another man in Central Park published

September: Second season of Anderson's daytime talk show, now titled Anderson Live, begins in new studio, features Beyoncé

Also in September: Coop talks about coming out on his daytime talk show

October: Andy Cohen is a regular on Anderson Live, and Star Jones accuses Cooper of coming out for ratings

November: Cooper reports from Gaza, while a bomb goes off nearby

December: Anderson temporarily blinded while on assignment

New Year's Eve: Gal pal Kathy Griffin simulates fellatio on Cooper during CNN's NYE's live.

Okay, so getting a psuedo-BJ from Kathy Griffin doesn't make someone a great candidate for man of the year, and neither does interviewining Miss Piggy for that matter. But both show that Cooper enjoys having fun and delving into pop-culture while ably maintaining a career as a serious journalist.

That is, he's not one-dimensional or boring. He's fun, silly and willing to poke fun at himself. With all this, his good looks, poise, hot boyfriend, nice biceps and public notoreity, we not only think that he makes a great man of the year, we also sort of want to be him when we grow up.