'Book of Mormon' and 'South Park' Creators are Pro-Gay... and Pro-Gun?

By: Brandon Voss

OK, which do you want first — the good news or the bad news?

Chatting with U.K. publication The Guardian to promote the upcoming West End premiere of their gay-inclusive blockbuster musical The Book of Mormon, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have given fans a rare glimpse at their personal political beliefs.

After explaining that they don't vote because, as Stone says, "we’re not allied to one particular side, so it feels painful,” Parker reveals that two major causes that he and Stone believe in are "gay marriage and guns. We're for both of those."

Um... yay?

"We're from Colorado, and look at the way Colorado's gone politically in the last few elections," Stone adds, "it's now gay-friendly, weed-friendly, gun-friendly. There's an element of Colorado that I think is in us."

The article notes, however, that the interview was conducted before the recent Sandy Hook shootings.

What do you make of their somewhat conflicting political stances? Are these man-children as liberal or as conservative as you initially thought? Our heads hurt.

Photo: Chris Buck