Marc Jacobs Wants Another Dumb Tattoo

By: Brandon Voss

Marc Jacobs has 33 tattoos but a ManBearPig ain't one.

According to Page Six, the tattoo-crazy fashion designer recently told Fern Mallis during her “Fashion Icons” panel series at the 92nd Street that he's itching to add ink of ManBearPig, an obscure monster character on South Park. “[My trainer and I] are fighting over which one of us is going to get it,” Jacobs said. If Jacobs gets it, ManBearPig would join images of crap as varied as SpongeBob SquarePants, an M&M, a couch, and an iconic scene from Poltergeist

Of course, Jacobs' South Park obsession is nothing new. After show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker found out that the designer had tattoos of character Cartman's toys Clyde Frog and Rumpletumskin on his forearms, they immortalized the designer in a South Park episode as another one of Cartman's dolls, which in turn inspired an actual Marc Jacobs doll.

Now dating Brazilian porn star Harry Louis, Jacobs also revealed that he still has the ring ex-fiancé Lorenzo Martone gave him when they were engaged: “He asked me to marry him, but he broke up with me. He just changed his mind. We’re best friends now.”

Hmm... maybe it was just one tat too many.