Ryan Gosling Says His Abs Are 'Like Pets'

By: Jase Peeples

Having a famous physique that could rival the body of any superhero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be according to Ryan Gosling.  Though his perfect pecs and abs of steel have undoubtedly gained him a fair share of gay fans, the 32-year-old actor doesn’t understand why anyone would have a fascination with muscles that "don’t do anything useful."

"Anyone can get those if they work at it. It's just a lot of exercising. And it's really quite pointless, because you go to a gym and you lift a heavy thing so a muscle grows, but the only thing the muscle can actually do is to lift that heavy thing", Gosling told the Herald Sun in a recent interview.

"After a while they're like pets because they don't do anything useful,” Gosling joked. “But you have to feed them and take care of them otherwise they'll go away. I feel a bit goofy having them, to tell you the truth."

We’re certain a fair number of Gosling’s gay fans would admit his buff bod has made them feel a few things, but ‘goofy’ isn’t one of them.

Nevertheless, Gosling’s opinion of his body doesn’t sound so strange once you realize he’s a bit of a unique spirit that clearly dances to the beat of a very different drum. The Gangster Squad star also admitted to the Herald Sun his approach to preparing for new roles isn’t exactly mainstream either.  "When I take on a new role, the first thing I do is to figure out what percentage of the character is Bugs Bunny and what percentage is Daffy Duck,” He confessed. “ Seriously - that works every time for me."

Who knew the Acme Looniversity approach to acting could be so successful?