Zac Efron Freaks Out Over Sex Toy Pic

By: Daniel Villarreal

Now why would man-pixie Zac Efron freak out over a picture of him standing next to a bunch of dildos?

One word: optics.

Even in Hollywood, America's sex-negative culture pervades. Former Disney stars and leading men aren't supposed to have sex lives, let alone anal sex lives.

So, color us gullible, but we kinda believe the New York Post (oh God, we just wrote that) when they say that Mr. Efron freaked out over one of their paparazzos taking a picture of him looking at some butt toys in the New York City Fantasy World sex shop — you can see the prostate stimulators at lower right hand corner of the picture above.

Efron's PR peeps said he was only in the store filming a scene for his upcoming romantic comedy Are We Officially Dating, but an alleged eyewitness told the Post that Efron still "[begged] the guy to delete the pictures. He kept telling him that he has so many young fans and he didn’t want them to see it.”

Yes. Can't let the kiddos think you're even remotely interested in butt play. Bad optics and all. Personally, we would have liked Efron more if he had told the Post, "Yeah, I'm an adult with a sex life. Get over it."

But not in America. Not even in New York City or the land of make believe.