Ben Affleck's Top 10 Gayest Moments

By: Brandon Voss

SNL isn't the only opportunity Affleck has taken to kiss another dude on camera. He randomly and forcefully smooched Kevin Smith while co-presenting at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards, but even he can't stop thinking about the time he kissed costar Jason Lee in 1997's Chasing Amy. Check out this excerpt from Affleck's recent profile in The New York Times:

"I was supposed to kiss Jason Lee," he recalled, referring to a pivotal scene. And he had heard peers say that "you were a really great actor if you could convincingly play homosexual as a man," he continued. "And I just blew it. The kiss is in there, but it looks like Tom & Jerry. It's not anything good."


"I tried to go open-mouthed," he said. "But something in me was, 'Take your tongue back.' And I was like, 'No, you can do it! Push!' It was not my proudest moment."

The kiss was on his mind, he said, because Mr. Damon was working on an HBO movie about the pianist Liberace - he plays Liberace's boyfriend, while Michael Douglas plays Liberace - and had recently talked to Mr. Affleck about it.

"Matt's like, 'Yeah, I'm going to make out with Michael Douglas tomorrow,' and it triggered that memory," Mr. Affleck said, adding that he later watched the moment of Mr. Damon's big lip lock. "Not that it would be hard to be better than my kiss, but it was much better than my kiss. Maybe Michael Douglas is sexier than Jason Lee."