Gay Adult Film Star Wilfried Knight Confirmed Dead

By: Brandon Voss

Following sketchy reports Monday of his apparent suicide on social media and various blogs, gay adult film actor Wilfried Knight has been confirmed dead in an official press release issued by Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion Studios.

Born Wilfried Chevalier in Germany and raised in France, Knight burst onto the adult film scene in 2004. His death comes only weeks after the suicide of his husband Jerry Enriquez, his partner of almost nine years.

The release from the San Francisco-based adult film studios includes the following information:

Born in 1977 and growing up in Champagne, France, the 35-year-old actor appeared in over 10 Raging Stallion productions in the last four years. Originally an exclusive for Lucas Entertainment, Wilfried became the first-ever joint Lucas/Raging Stallion exclusive. He was a consummate performer and a joy to have on set, which was why he was chosen to appear in the studio's major releases. He contributed to the success of the biggest industry hits from Raging Stallion, including Cowboys, Giants, Tales of the Arabian Nights and Focus/Refocus.

His skills and talent didn't go unrecognized; he won the 2010 GayVN Award for Performer of the Year, and he took home the 2011 Grabby for Best Versatile Performer. A man of stature, standing 6'2" and weighing in at nearly 200 pounds, Knight had a huge presence, a gracious air, and a caring disposition. His charm and humor did not go unnoticed. All of these traits are what made him a superstar of the industry.

While the details of his death are not yet known, Knight recently lost his partner of nine years to suicide.

Chris Ward, Falcon/Raging Stallion Studios President offered these sentiments about his friend: "Wilfried's death is a blow to our studio and to our industry. There was no nicer man. We have all lost someone very special. I can only say that personally I am devastated. Wilfried was a friend and I shall miss him. All of us at Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios hope he is at peace, and our thoughts are with his family and friends. I know that his good friend and director, Tony Dimarco, is also greatly saddened by this tragic loss."

We grieve deeply at the passing of Wilfried Knight. We offer our most genuine thoughts of sympathy and warm wishes to Wilfried's family, friends and loved ones. He was an extraordinary talent and a special man who brought joy to our hearts. Wilfried, we celebrate your life and your accomplishments, and hope that you rest in peace. You will be missed greatly.

Opening up about the suicide of husband Jerry Enriquez in a blog post dated March 3, Knight wrote, "People will say he was selfish, left me behind: no he didn’t. Sadly he intended for me to go with him. He hung himself. Terrible death. But he left on side an unopened bottle of wine and sleeping pills for me to follow him..."

Knight also addressed his own obsession with physical beauty and aging in his website's biography section:

The way the world goes around comes down to one concept: vanity.

A “porn star” only happens to live and expose it in public. It hits each and everyone of us, even the ones who pretend to be humble, or for example even the ones that pretend they only work out for their health. We all want to look good, to be noticed. Even this shy french boy named Wilfried born now 28….ok, fine, 38 years ago. I was truly ordinary, probably still am in my own way. I took the right assumed path that made my parents proud: excelled and achieved at school, did learn to be good to another, but thankfully escaped the religious BS that sometimes comes with such a respectable upbringing, meaning: I was not bred to be a hypocrite. Something always had been burning inside of me: I always knew there was more to life than just fitting in. And yes, that vanity that grows within the male puberty became a driving force, pushed out, of course, by this demon that always underlies: insecurity.

Thriving to be rightful slowed me down, then after a bad relationship and a nasty brush with cancer, I realized there was only one life ahead of me. Why wait? I loved sex, I loved men, so if I had to be promiscuous, why not be paid for it??! And here I am, almost 10 years, several awards down the line, I am still going strong and loving every minute of it. A very lucky man, I have worked with all the best performers and companies, and i do not see myself as finished just yet. It is only my fourth retirement tour, I have few more to go don’t it? And when it is all over, well, two degrees I completed during my career will prevent me from a painful fall back down to reality. Ha, if only looks did not fade!

Welcome to my twisted world!

Knight’s passing follows the recent deaths of gay porn performers such as Josh Weston, Roman Ragazzi, Adam Faust, Corbin Fisher’s Sean, Tanner Hayes, Erik Rhodes, and, most recently, Arpad Miklos.