CK Model Matthew Terry Talks Justin Bieber's Abs

By: Brandon Voss

When a Super Bowl spotlight-stealing supermodel like Matthew Terry chats with a respected publication like the New York Times, you can bet that Justin Bieber's abs will be a topic of conversation.

"I’ve never seen his abs," says the versatile Calvin Klein hunk. "If they are real, then props to him. If not, he’s got a great Photoshop crew."

First of all, please don't question the validity of Bieber's situation. Secondly, you've really never seen Bieber's abs? That's like saying you've never seen the sun.

"They are the in thing," continues Terry, who claims to do circuit training at the gym five times a week for about an hour and a half. "Everyone wants to be lean and cut, and ripped is the word everyone likes to use. People get upset why they can’t get abs like this. A good amount of it is genetics. It’s a decent part of the social life. Girls love abs. I’m in the right line of work, I guess."

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