Gay Chippendales Hunk Still Sees Himself as Skinny Teen Dork

By: Brandon Voss

Out Chippendales performer Jaymes Vaughan and Chippendale buddy James Davis may have lost to partners Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge on The Amazing Race, but Vaughan has come out on top as the very first Ambassador of White Party, Jeffrey Sanker’s annual gay extravaganza held Mar. 29 through Apr. 1. in Palm Springs.

So what's the hardest part of being a Chippendale? "Without a doubt that is having to look like a Chippendale," Vaughan tells "I grew up mad dorky with everything a teenage kid doesn't want against them. Bad teeth, bad hair, bad skin, and was about 140 pounds soaking wet — at 6'4". So having to fight that off, when that's still the kid I see in the mirror every day is definitely the hardest part. Yup, hardest part of being a Chippendale: having to look like the photoshopped version of me. That damn guy."

Oh, don't feel too sorry for the guy. Not only would Vaughan look amazing in anyone else's mirror — preferably one on the bedroom ceiling? — he also has a boyfriend. "I truly believe there is someone for everyone and I waited a long time to be able to say this, but I'm 100%, without a doubt, head over heels fairy tale kind of love, taken," the White Party virgin continues. "I'm a very, very lucky guy."

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