The Raunchiest Sharon Needles Interview You'll Read All Week

By: Brandon Voss

You already know a lot about Sharon Needles — but is she a top or bottom?

Michael Musto recently interviewed the RuPaul's Drag Race winner, and Miss Needles happily volunteered that information in the graphic detail you'd expect from a queen chosen to host Friday's The Hookies,'s annual awards for male escorts. Here's an excerpt of the candid chat:

Michael Musto: Have you sampled the nominees?
Sharon Needles: No, but I've become a huge bottom. I don't know if my asshole just got old or if I'm exploring new things. I really want to sink myself into this judging. I don't want to take the back seat. I want to dive right into it and be a real part of the voting experience.

Did you used to be a top or versatile?
I was a total top. It was more of a dominant thing. I'm amazed at how much I can get in there now. I think once you become famous, you like things to go in.

You become a hoarder?
Yes, a collector. A cock collector.

How many can you get in there? Have you done double penetration?
I've never tried. There's a first time for everything. When you're famous, you get to do all these things that non famous people do, like double penetration.

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