Could Ricky Martin's Chicken Make Him Even Gayer?

By: Brandon Voss

Ricky Martin is a proud father of two beautiful twin boys — and now a sassy chicken named Olivia!

Timed to the Great American Meatout on Mar. 20, PETA announced that it's honoring the out singer and relatively new vegetarian by sponsoring a rescued chicken on his behalf.

“Olivia was rescued by Florida’s Kindred Spirits Sanctuary, where she is now thriving,” PETA explains in a statement. “She spends her days taking dust baths, roosting in trees, and relaxing in the sun.” Hmpf. Must be nice.

Meanwhile, Colombian model Natalia Paris is making headlines by claiming that young boys who ate a lot of chicken grew up to be gay. Discussing the dangers of chicken injected with hormones on Caracol TV, she said, “The boys that are eating [that kind of] chicken — because they are injected with female hormones — are starting to turn into homosexuals.” Oh yeah? Say that to Olivia's face, bitch.

Regardless, thanks to Ricky, no one will be eating lazy Olivia anytime soon.

What will happen next in international gay chicken news? You know these things always happen in threes.