Channing Tatum Wants to 'Have Sex' with George Clooney

By: Brandon Voss

What would happen if two of People's "Sexiest Men Alive" did the dirty? Would the Earth implode under the weight of combusted sexiness? If done in the woods, would it make a sound?

According to The Sun, at a preview screening for Channing Tatum's new film White House Down, the Magic Mike star was asked whom he thought was the sexiest man in the world.

“Well I’ve spent time with George Clooney and he’s the most interesting man on the planet," said Tatum, who vactioned with Clooney and their significant others in Italy last summer. "He can do it all. Yep, I guess what I’m saying is I’d have sex with him.”

Even though his sister swears he's straight, it wouldn't be the first time Clooney's hopped in bed with another man.

See Tatum looking sexy as usual in the trailer for White House Down below. 

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