Boy Band Twitter Feud Turns Homophobic

By: Brandon Voss

Why can't these two guys just share a beer shirtless in peace, love, and perfect harmony?

It was a battle of the British boy bands this past weekend when The Wanted's Tom Parker and One Direction's Louis Tomlinson starting reading each other on Twitter after Tomlinson mentioned their rivals during a London concert.

Once the library was open, there was a lot of passive-aggressive ribbing about popularity and talent levels, but here's where it went off the rails:

Louis Tomlinson: “@TomTheWanted P.S enjoy the press from this .”
Tom Parker: “@Louis_Tomlinson I’ll enjoy the press even more when you come clean #narnia #itgetsbetter”
Louis Tomlinson: “@TomTheWanted You clearly spend too much time on twitter. Funny that face to face you act like a little girl. Goodnight old friend.”

We're guessing that #narnia is a reference to a lionless and witchless wardrobe, aka closet, but using the #itgetsbetter hashtag to insinuate that someone's gay? Not cool, Tom — even if the idea of a romance between 1D's Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles is the stuff of shipper dreams and legend.

Most of this nonsense has been deleted, so here's the offending tweet:

Needless to say that fans are in a tizzy, but perhaps none so much as the band Wheatus of "Teenage Dirtbag" fame, who subsequently tweeted, "homophobia is the ugliest kind of jealousy... too many young people are suffering the loneliest sadness & fear. use of the #itgetsbetter hash tag in a hateful manner is unacceptable... let's focus on what #itgetsbetter is actually about and forget the fight...k? #LGBT #LOVE #Tolerance @bullymovie"

Never thought we'd write this sentence, but how cool is Wheatus?