OMG, Did Justin Bieber Just Come Out as Gay?

By: Brandon Voss

Nope. Trust and Beliebe that the oft-shirtless pop star is still presumably straight. But the Twitterverse was abuzz earlier today over some very juicy tweets from E! Online's Twitter.

The first tweet claimed, "Exclusive: Justin Bieber to E!online: I'm a gay," with a second claiming that his young lady friend Selena Gomez will be "fully supporting Justin in his coming out."

However, less than an hour after the first tweet, before another Biebergate or Biebergeddon could occur, it was revealed that this was just a prank by a group of pesky hackers known as the Syrian Electronic Army. Gotcha, suckas! The E! Online feed was then temporarily suspended by Twitter.

Retweets caused a minor stir, but it seems as though few people were actually fooled since, you know, the Biebs is so butch. We kid because we love!

See a screen grab of the now-deleted fake tweets below.