How to Score a Date with Jack Mackenroth

By: Brandon Voss

Promoting Volttage, his new dating app and site for HIV-positive men, Jack Mackenroth looks good wet on the May/June cover of HIV Plus magazine.

In the terrific new interview, the activist, fashion designer, and muscled model reveals that he's also currently single.

"Well, creating a dating site sure is a lot of effort just to get a date, right?" Jack jokes. "At this point in my life I’m looking to settle down. To get a date with me, you would probably have to ask me. I’m not great with small talk. I’m generally attracted to guys near my age and size. If you want a second date, you should have a job and some real interests other than circuit parties. Who the hell knows? Send me a message on Facebook."

The hunk also reveals a few things about himself that you might be surprised to learn: "I’m not very social," he says. "I think people assume I have a very glamorous life, full of photo shoots and parties. I consider those things to be work. I don’t ever go out to bars or clubs, and I don’t drink. I have a few close friends that I’ve had for many years, and I’m not great at making new ones. That’s probably why I’m single. I can also wiggle my ears individually. And my tits. Snap!"

Read Jack's full interview here.