Battle of the Bulge: Andrew Garfield, Justin Theroux, and Grant Bowler

By: Brandon Voss

Last week was all about SCOTUS rulings and Pride happenings, but some blogs — mainstream blogs, mind you — still had their eyes below the belt.

Andrew Garfield has been photographed all over NYC filming his Spiderman sequel, but one snap really caught the prurient attention of Naughty But Nice Rob. Scandalizing The Superficial, Defiance’s Grant Bowler — best known to gay audiences for his roles in True Blood and, tee-hee, Liz & Dick — made a big impression on the red carpet for the Despicable Me 2 opening. Meanwhile, Justin Theroux went jogging and Us Weekly pointed out what fiancé Jennifer Aniston really sees in him. 

Move over, Jon Hamm!