The Big Secret's Out About Vinny's Sausage

By: Brandon Voss

Gym, tan, dirty laundry?

Best known as a Jersey Shore housemate, Vinny Guadagnino now interviews celebs with his mom Paola at their Staten Island home for MTV's The Show With Vinny, which has its season finale July 11. Little did he know that she'd share dirt on his dong.

"The most embarrassing thing that my mom has ever said about me was that I wasn't circumcised," Vinny tells People in a new interview. "That trumps everything! She said that when Jenny McCarthy came to do the show. I ran out of the room and I was like, 'No, no!'"

Who gives a crap, you scoff? We just find it interesting that mainstream sites have been obsessed with Vinny's endowment for years, ever since Snooki basically said he was hung like a watermelon.

"After six seasons of the Jersey Shore, that info has never gotten out," the uncut wonder continues. "But the one time I film a show with my mom, boom, the biggest secret is out."

OK, so now we know. Your turn to whip 'em out, Situation and Pauly D.