WATCH: Peter Sarsgaard Recalls Sex Scene With 'Famously Well-Hung' Actor

By: Brandon Voss

We can think of 69 reasons for you to watch this Conan clip. 

Promoting Blue Jasmine, his latest film, Peter Sarsgaard chats with Conan O'Brien about his penchant for nude scenes, including those with actors who have "something to marvel at." The star of The Killing eventually brings up Kinsey, out director Bill Condon’s 2004 biopic about sexology pioneer Dr. Alfred Kinsey, who was played by Liam Neeson. Peter played Clyde Martin, Kinsey's bisexual and amorous assistant.

As for being naked in front of the "famously well-hung" Liam, Peter says he was most nervous about shooting a sex scene that wasn't in the script — and that apparently didn't make the final cut of the film. He was put at ease when he learned that the required sexual position was only a "69."

"It seemed equal," he struggles a bit to explain. "It seemed like there was not going to be anyone in charge." Yeah, we get it, Peter.

Check out the Conan clup below.