Anderson Cooper's Alleged Stalker Is a Gay, Jewish White Supremacist

By: Brandon Voss

Anderson Cooper apparently has bigger things to worry about than pissing off Alec Baldwin.

The New York Post reports that the CNN anchor has a stalker, 40-year-old Queens psychiatric patient Alex Hausner, who has allegedly made unwelcome phone calls and four attempts to see Anderson since 2008.

Hausner was recently charged with first-degree menacing and misdemeanor harassment and stalking after he yelled, "I'm going to fuck you up!" while attempting to kick down the red door to the four-story converted firehouse that Cooper shares with hunky boyfriend Benjamin Maisani in New York's West Village.

Described by friends as "a gay, Jewish white supremacist," according to the Post, Hausner not only insists that he was invited to drop by, he also claims that he and Anderson have been friends with “romantic overtones” for several years. 

“I used to give Anderson presents for his birthday, and that was encouraged,” he told the Post. “I dropped some dog treats off at his house. I got some dog treats for his dog and dropped them at the door.”

In fact, Hausner only seems to have a beef with Ben, Anderson's beau, who “was actually stalking me, sending friends to stalk me,” Hausner says. "He’s a thug and a mongrel.”

Loving all the "he said, he said" drama, AC's good pal Andy Cohen is expected to offer Hausner a spot on Bravo's upcoming series Real Stalkers of the Rich and Gaymous. Just kidding, but you'd totally watch it.