One Direction Doc Details 'Gay Fantasies' and 'Willy Sizes'

By: Brandon Voss

You know that This Is Us, One Direction's upcoming 3-D documentary, features lots of shirtless and bromantic moments. Now a British network is promising even more revelations in its own One Direction doc. 

Scheduled to air Aug. 15 on Channel 4, Crazy About One Direction will focus on Directioners, the boy band's most obsessive fans.

As reported by Sugarscape, a press release for Crazy teases that it will feature stories about "death threats, gay fantasies and even One Direction’s willy sizes." Damn, why can't this flick be in 3-D too?

"This film will offer a fascinating insight into a new kind of idol worship," says director Daisy Asquith. "Social media communities connect millions of fans in a way that was never possible before. It’s the ‘Narnia’ that is their online fandom."

Revisit their "Best Week Ever" video here and tell us which One Direction willy you fantasize about.