Cheyenne Jackson Is the Tom Cruise of His Divorce

By: Brandon Voss

You know Cheyenne Jackson and his husband Monte Lapka announced that they were divorcing earlier this month after two years of marriage and 13 years together. So how's that whole "amicable parting" thing going?

Well, the New York Post reports that, in an attempt to reach a quick divorce settlement, both gents have hired high-powered fancy schmancy law firms we've never heard of — although Monte's firm's clients have apparently included Katie Holmes, which we suppose makes Cheyenne the Tom Cruise in this split?

Sources also tell the Post that the proceedings have been friendly, a deal is close to being dunzo, and neither man will likely need to show his handsome mug in court.

But before you fall asleep from absolute boredom, here's how the Post ended the item: "When we reached Jackson’s spokesman, Shea Martin from Slate PR, for comment, he insulted us, then demanded we never write about his client again." Aw, snap.

Photo: Instagram