Boy George Says One Direction Are 'Probably All Bisexual'

By: Brandon Voss

Did you know that Boy George and One Direction got into an online spat earlier this year after an awards show run-in? Not that he gives a crap.

"I wouldn’t know who One Direction were if they fell on my head," the gay icon tells the Daily Star, addressing the incident with the boy band.

"I’m older than them, they should treat me with respect. I blocked all the band, I couldn’t be bothered to hear anything they said but I couldn’t help winding up their fans."

Refueling the flames of that feud, George continues, "The odds are one of One Direction must be gay. I think everyone is a bit bisexual deep down, so the odds are they are probably all bisexual. They’re rock stars so it’s what you’d expect, isn’t it? I’d be disappointed if they weren’t. Tattoos don’t make you butch. Look at me.”

Wowza! Even Lance Bass wasn't that bitchy about it. But oddly enough, loyal 1D fans aren't the only ones unhappy with the article.

"Lesson, never talk to @Daily_Star and never joke with a journalist or better still trust one from a tabloid! As if I care if anyone is gay!," tweeted George in response to the predictable backlash. "All this proves is that most journalists are sheep, desperate to write anything about One Erection and very predictable! Yawn!"

Photo: Twitter