Could a Shirtless Tom Hiddleston Have Been Thor?

By: Patrick Yacco

Actor Tom Hiddleston is now synonymous with his role as Loki in the Thor and Avengers films, but according to images released to Super Hero Movie News from the upcoming Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray, the British actor first test-screened for the lead role that went to Chris Hemsworth. They’re…interesting to say the least.

While Hiddleston has attracted a slew of followers based on his charming accent and sharp cheekbones, it’s a bit of a challenge to imagine him as the muscular Norse deity Thor, and the images aren’t too convincing, either. The blond wig doesn’t suit Hiddleston’s features, and his eager vaulting of Mjolnir to the heavens is campy even without any sound.

Nevertheless, it’s probably safe to say that Hiddleston will remain in Loki’s horned helmet for the time being, and hey, he could always fall back on his superb dancing skills if need be.