GuySpy's Top 35 Sexy Kit Harington Moments

By: Morris Chapdelaine

It's really a shame that Pompeii bombed last week at the box office. Critics were quick to point out that Game of Thrones hunk Kit Harington didn't appear to have the audience draw the studio had expected. Well, GuySpy is here to counter that claim!

Sure, Pompeii was a typical Hollywood disaster flick. However, if you didn't notice from the trailers, he has a shirtless scene which gave us great hope that the film would at the very least be sexy. So let's reminisce on all of his hottest moments leading up to Pompeii. Have a sample below, then check out GuySpy's full list of hunky Kit Harington images.

There's a lot more heavy breathing ahead. Go to GuySpy now for the entire Top 35 Kit Harington list.