20 Power Couples Currently Running the Show

By: Gay.net Editors

1. Matt Bomer & Simon Halls

Slate PR founder Simon Halls (No. 50 on our sister site's Out.com Power List) has three sons with his actor partner Matt Bomer. The duo have made a happy family in Hollywood for years, and continue to inspire with their continued support for one another.


2. Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black

Although neither is media shy, this handsome duo continues to play coy with the mainstream press (as well as their social media fans) about their relationship status. Luckily, we have it on good authority that Olympic diver and reality TV host Tom Daley and writer-director-activist Dustin Lance Black (No. 38 on Out.com's Power List) are very much an item (and very much in love). Good luck to them both!


3. Greg Berlanti & Robbie Rogers

Berlanti is responsible for the DNA of CW’s current roster of shows that blend homoerotic eye candy with addictive drama. Rogers is the American soccer player, who now plays for the LA Galaxy, made headlines when he came out publicly while playing in the UK. When it was announced that Rogers was off the market and dating the Hollywood hot shot, there was a collective sigh of resignation.