John Stamos Kiss With Vine Superstar Causes Homophobic Uproar

By: Ross von Metzke

Vine superstar Jerome Jarre has made a name for himself as the guy who pranks people by kissing them. What he didn’t bargain for was getting an open mouth kiss in return when he planted one on John Stamos.

Jarre posted the video to his 6.1 million followers on Vine with the tongue in cheek (pun intended) caption: “KISSPRANK BACKFIRED - CHILDHOOD RUINED - #FULLHOUSE #FULLMOUTH w/ John Stamos.”

He expected the same light, fun comments he usually gets on videos. Instead, his comment feed was littered with homophobic statements. “Gay. Unfollowed,” reads one. “God made Adam and Even not Adam and Steve,” reads another.

"I am receiving death threats now, but I would not delete this Vine for anything in the world," Jarre told Mashable in an interview.

What he did instead was post a follow up video. In it, he says he’s not gay and in fact has a girlfriend. He then proceeds to plant a kiss on fellow Vine celebrity Nicholas Megalis — who is done up in drag.

"I'm sick of seeing kids being bullied for living their lives. Ignorance is so dangerous," Megalis told Mashable. "And as someone who makes things, it is my job to make something I actually believe in. And I believe in this. Gay, straight, alien. Doesn't mean shit. Love is love is love."

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