Is Zac Efron Dating 'Avatar' Star Michelle Rodriguez

By: Ross von Metzke

Few things seem to interest the entertainment media more than Zac Efron’s love life. And the latest lady the media has him linked to is none other than Avatar star Michelle Rodriguez.

Now why is this so interesting? Because last year, after years of speculation, Rodriguez finally came out as bisexual amid rumors she was dating British model Cara Delevingne.

Now, Rodriguez has been photographed making out with Efron as the two vacationed together in Sardinia. The two were photographed while hanging out on board a yacht.

The photographs come on the heels of a series of videos and photos uploaded of the two documenting their vacation. In one video, Rodriguez is shows swimming under water while a voice (presumably Efrons) laughs in the background.

In another video, Efron is shown doing a back flip off of the yacht as Rodriguez shoots photographs in the background.

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