WATCH: Jake Shears Guests On Jonny McGovern's Internet Talk Show

By: Ross von Metzke

Jake Shears looks exactly the same.

Jake Shears is a “sexy elf.”

Jake Shears has perfect beauty and genetics.

That’s the basic gist of the first few minutes of Gay Pimp Jonny McGovern’s interview with the Scissor Sisters front man on the latest installment of Hey Queen, the YouTube talk show he hosts with Lady Red Couture.

Shears takes all of the complimenting in stride, saying he credits Los Angeles with keeping him young. (He notes that he recently ran into a friend from New York who has just moved to LA  a few days before and wanted to tell him that a year from now he’d look fantastic.)

In addition to fielding flattering comments and flirtations from McGovern, Shears talks about his hot partner of 10 years (who McGovern also fans himself over) and performing with McGovern back in the day when the Scissor Sisters were just a “tiny Scissor Sisters.”

“We were running everything off of one of those mini disc players,” Shears remembers.

Watch the full interview below and a preview in which McGovern fondles Shears for absolutely no reason here.