'Full House' Star Turned Go-Go Boy Blake McIver: Respect the Pocket Gay!

By: Ross von Metzke

Actor, singer and occasional go-go boy Blake McIver has a bone to pick with gay men who like to manhandle “pocket gays” just because they’re short.

In a new op-ed for the Huffington Post called “The Trials and Travails of Life as a Pocket Gay.” the actor who starred as a child in Full House and The Little Rascals laments on the struggles he’s endured because of his height.

“I truly do not understand that just because of something as simple and inconsequential as height, I’m suddenly described in an entirely different set of terms than men all of two inches above me,” he writes. “I hear cute, adorable, precious, and sweet. Why can’t I be handsome, attractive, rugged or heck, even pretty?”

From the perils of being in a gay bar to being picked up and physically moved by someone twice his size, McIver, who just released his debut album The Time Manipulator on iTunes, says all he’s looking for is a little respect.

“Drunk straight girls and drunk, tall homos, respect your pocket gays. We are people too. And in the event of an emergency we can dodge our way through a crowd to get to the exit before you even knew the building was on fire. Trust me, you’re going to want us on your side.”

Read the full article here and check out a sampling of his bikini-clad Instagram feed below.