How Much Do These 11 LGBT TV Stars Make?

By: Michelle Garcia

The stars of the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory have negotiated one of the biggest per-episode hauls in television in recent years, making Jim Parsons the highest-paid gay actor on television.

Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, and Jim Parsons have come to an agreement on a new three-year contract that would extend the CBS series into 10 seasons and earn each actor $1 million for each of the next three seasons’ 72 episodes. The contract, which also includes back-end deals and signing bonuses, would earn each star up to $90 million over the course of three years, Out reports.

But how does that compare to some of the other LGBT TV stars in recent history? Here's what 11 of them earned.

Matt Bomer, White Collar
$125,000 per episode


David Hyde Pierce, Frasier
$750,000 per episode