Dating 101

Sex in Your City: Chicago Cruising and Competition

By: Brandon Voss

When it comes to finding a date the old-fashioned way — without a computer or iPhone app — these boys know that it’s all about location, location, location.

Name: Jeff
Occupation: Marketing
City: Chicago, Ill.


Where to Meet Mr. Right: Halsted’s Bar and Grill

"Being an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan in enemy territory, it can be tough to find a gay-friendly establishment that not only embraces individuality but also team loyalty. At Halsted’s in Boystown, it's great to know that I can trash-talk the Cubs with the buff bro to my left and then belt out Whitney tunes with the other boy to my right. It's all about mixing it up and finding that fella who isn't afraid to get messy with a buffalo chicken wrap and talk Real Housewives while sharing a tall Bud Light — with a cosmo chaser.”

Where to Meet Mr. Right Now: Friday evenings at Montrose Beach volleyball courts

“It's all about the gay volleyball league organized by Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association. Competition, sweat, Red Bull, beach glitter, tight bodies, and lots and lots of... balls. Whether you're a player who’s into board shorts and twinks or just an onlooker who’s into Speedos and bears, there's something for everyone. The feeling of spiking a ball into the face of a competitor is quite fulfilling, but the feeling of spiking other things into their faces can be just as gratifying — or so I'm told.”

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