Dating 101

Sex In Your City: Wild on Washington, D.C.

By: Brandon Voss

When it comes to finding a date the old-fashioned way — without a computer or iPhone app — these boys know that it’s all about location, location, location.

Name: Christian
Age: 30

Occupation: Air National Guard

City: Washington, D.C.


Where to Meet Mr. Right:
 Duplex Diner

"I'm originally from Reno, Nevada, so it was great to finally come to a city where there are more than five guys in a 45-mile radius. I was supposed to be here for three months and it's become five years so far. The Diner has become one of my favorite places to go and meet friends — and to make new ones to possibly take out to dinner later that week. Thursdays is the night to go; guys generally don’t get too crazy as most people have to work the next day, but it's a great place to chat and have one of my favorite drinks, the Lemon Squeeze! After one of those, the guard's down and you're ready to talk to all the young D.C. men."

Where to Meet Mr. Right Now: Nellie's

With one of the highest gays per capita in the nation, anywhere in D.C. has plenty of boys that are ready for a fun night. For me, Nellie's is the go-to spot, as it's close to my house and has a quintessential D.C. roof deck bar. There are always various events going on each night, from trivia nights to Drag Bingo to the Sunday afternoon Tea Dance. It's a great place to meet someone new while dancing on the roof and drinking a nice Sweet Tea vodka and lemonade or an ice cold beer to cool you down from the packed crowd."

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