Dating 101

Sex in Your City: A Li'l Devil in Hell's Kitchen

By: Brandon Voss

When it comes to finding a date the old-fashioned way — without a computer or iPhone app — these boys know that it’s all about location, location, location.

Name: Silas

Age: 30

Occupation: Restaurant manager
City: NYC, Hell's Kitchen

Where to Meet Mr. Right: Therapy

"A choice place to meet a great guy worth actually dating is Therapy. It's definitely the most dramatic and well designed gay bar in Manhattan, with a grand staircase and custom woodwork. It's guppie central — lots of gay professionals, Broadway types, and smart social guys having a good time with great shows during the week to keep things entertaining. They also have the best specialty cocktails — like the Pearanoia — and with the comfy banquettes lining the walls, you can actually hold a conversation and get to know somebody."

Where to Meet Mr. Right Now: Posh

"For a quick drink and a fun time, it's definitely Posh! Posh is guaranteed open until 4am every night, so even if other bars quiet down around 2 or 3, you can count on Posh to deliver the goods. With a dance floor that's no bigger than the average NYC bedroom, things can get heated fairly quickly. Plush leather couches in the back are perfect for making out with a new friend, and $4 Bud Light drafts help keep things lubricated. The best part of Posh is that you'll get a mix of highbrow and lowbrow: rich grandpas, homeless artists, horny stressed professionals, fashionistas, downtown punks, and your classic Hell's Kitchen trendsetter — literally something for everyone."

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