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Wanna Date a Republican? Margaret Cho Has Some Sage Advice

By: Brandon Voss

Watch out, Dear Abby. Guesting as an advice columnist on Buzzfeed, actress-comedian and LGBT rights activist Margaret Cho tackles cosplay, polyamory, and coming out to old friends, but she also answers a progressive liberal's very topical question about dating across party lines:

In this political climate, is it fair for me — a progressive liberal — to date someone who identifies as a “fiscal conservative” and plans to vote Romney/Ryan solely, at least so he claims, on that basis?

I'd say there are mixed political relationships that work. We all feel a little differently. I don't get conservatives but I have had friends who are(!) and we just argue and then I storm off. But we're all just people anyway; we're all just trying to get by. 

And what is a fiscal conservative anyway? It might be actually worse than a straight up social conservative, seriously, because social conservatives are defending their bizarre but dearly held beliefs... fiscal conservatives just love their money and don't have any beliefs beyond that really. Keep working on him and see if there is a person behind the greed — who knows?

Is Miss Cho being too optimistic about a future for these two crazy kids? And what about you — assuming you're not a Log Cabin queen, could you date a Republican, fiscal or otherwise?

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