Dating 101

Sex in Your City: The Hunt for Williamsburg Willy

By: Brandon Voss

When it comes to finding a date the old-fashioned way — without a computer or iPhone app — these boys know that it’s all about location, location, location.

Name: John
Age: 30
Occupation: Magazine editor
City: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Where to Meet Mr. Right: McCarren Park

"I think we can all agree that finding Mr. Right at a gay bar — or any bar, really — is highly unlikely. To me, Mr. Right should be a guy who goes out in the daylight every now and then. McCarren Park in Williamsburg is usually full of cute guys on sunny weekends, all sprawled out on the grass relaxing after brunch. It's hardly the meat market that the Christopher St. pier tends to be, but the gay dudes roaming amongst the hipster couples are pretty cute in this effortless way that makes them seem like they could make really low maintenance boyfriends. The fact that it's not an exclusively gay environment means that they're willing to socialize with women and straight dudes, which is another plus for potential Mr. Rights; there's nothing worse than a guy who's socialized himself into a gay ghetto."

Where to Meet Mr. Right Now: Metropolitan

"I hadn't noticed this until a friend pointed it out to me: About an hour before last call, Metropolitan gets exponentially more cruisey. Suddenly everyone's looking around much more purposefully and much less discreetly, sizing each other up, calculating the risk versus reward of finally settling on a dude to hit on. Nobody wants to go home alone, but at this hour pickings are slim, and it's not like you can just move on to the next one if you're chatting up the wrong guy. The Williamsburg gays who've been partying in the city and haven't gotten lucky yet will usually stop by for one last drink and a look around before heading home, so that sort of ups your prospects. But again, if it's your last outpost of potential hanky panky for the night, I can't stress enough how important it is to choose your victim wisely!"

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