Dating 101

Attract Hotter Guys with the Perfect Profile Pic

By: Brandon Voss

That photo of you and your mom at Olive Garden not snagging the hot dates you'd hoped? Your social networking profile probably needs a serious overhaul.

Thankfully, Buzzfeed has assembled amateur advice from all over the Internet in their invaluably ludicrous How-to Guide to the Ultimate Guy's Profile Pic. Save time and try to interpret this abridged version:

1. Contrast Your Shirt With Your Skin
2. Wear Red or Be Near Red
3. Pose With Animals
4. Don't Pose With Animals TOO Much, Though
5. Surround Yourself With as Many People as Possible
6. Stand By a Cool Natural Wonder
7. Stand By the Eiffel Tower
8. Show Leadership
9. And Finally, Look Away From the Camera

Apparently, if you follow these guidelines, you'll get a lot more cyber-action — and you'll have something akin to the picture above. Would it work on you?

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